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When it comes to handball, we have several top brands of the best quality. In our shop you will find handballs from Select, Hummel, Salming, Erima and adidas. In addition to the indoor handballs, we also have beach handballs and street handballs. All handballs have an optimal grip so that they cannot cause any surprises during the match. The handballs that we have included in our range come in different colors, sizes and designs. Buy handballs or order handballs? At Handballshop.com you are at the right place.

Tips for the perfect handball

✓ Pay attention to the right grip
✓ Choose the brand that suits you
✓ Choose the color that suits you

Which size of handball do I need?

Age group

Size ball

Circumference ball

< 6

Mini-ball (00)

42-44 cm

Must be a softball

7 - 10

Mini-ball (0)

48 cm

Softball is optional

11 - 12 


50-52 cm


13 - 14 (Girls)


50-52 cm


13 - 14 (Boys)


54-56 cm


15 - 16


54-56 cm


17 > (Women)


54-56 cm


17 > (Men)


58-60 cm



Handball clothing

Handball clothing is specially made to allow you to concentrate optimally on the game. We have handball shirts from different brands such as adidas, Asics, Erima, Hummel and Salming. All these brands have given specific attention to fabricating the clothing in such a way that it leads to the right performance for the handball player. All our clothing is available in different sizes, colors and designs.

Handball shoes

Without the right handball shoes it is of course not possible to perform optimally. Our online range of handball shoes is very extensive and includes men's handball shoes, women's handball shoes and children's handball shoes. The top brands that you can find in our range are Asics, Mizuno, Hummel, Kempa and adidas. Striking colors and high-tech technologies are perfectly integrated with all our handball shoes.