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Mizuno handball shoes

Mizuno handball shoes are increasingly being embraced as the handball shoe. It is becoming more common to see top players wearing Mizuno handball shoes. One of the reasons for this is that the Mizuno shoes have an innovative cushioning system, the so-called Wave-Plate. This ensures maximum stability and sensational cushioning, even under extreme pressure. Moreover, Mizuno handball shoes are extremely light and super stable.

Mizuno Wave Stealth

With the Mizuno Wave Stealth, Mizuno has a 100% handball shoe in its range that is optimally tailored to the needs of the handball player and leaves nothing to be desired. Mizuno Wave Stealth is a typical power handball shoe with a focus on physical and powerful handball players. This top model is a very soft shoe with a lot of stability in the midfoot area and flexibility on the forefoot. This ensures maximum ground contact.

Mizuno Wave Lightning

If you are looking for an extremely light handball shoe, then the Mizuno Wave Lightning is the best Mizuno handball shoe for you. This shoe has been developed for flexible, fast and agile handball players who benefit greatly from the good flexibility and cushioning of this shoe. The light, seamless upper material offers maximum comfort and stability.

Various Mizuno handball shoes

In addition to these two top models, handballshop.com also offers the following Mizuno series: Mizuno Wave Voltage, Mizuno Wave Ghost, Mizuno Wave Hurricane, Mizuno Wave Luminous, Mizuno Wave Mirage, Mizuno Wave Momentum and Mizuno Wave Tornado.

Mizuno handball shoes for women, men and children

The women's handball shoes from Mizuno are cut slightly narrower than the men's handball shoes and have a more feminine design. In addition to women's and men's shoes, we also have special Mizuno children's handball shoes, which are cheaper than the corresponding adult models.

At handballshop.com, all available handball shoes from Mizuno are visible in the online shop and can be delivered immediately. If you order before 10 p.m., we ship the same day. And if the shoes are not to your liking, returns are always free.