Handballshoes 2018

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Handballshoes 2018

The newest handballshoe collection is now online! Just like the previous years. our collection exists out of flagship brands like Asics, adidas, Mizuno, Nike, Hummel and many more. The 2018 handball shoes provide you with the newest technologies, colors and designs.Β All 2018 handball shoes are designed with care and ensure excellent cushioning, flexibility and stability.

Handbalshoes 2018 Men

The handballshoes 2018 for men have been developed further and feature the newest technologies. This results in more agility, added stability and the flexibility you need to have freedom of movement. As a matter of course the handballshoes 2018 men have an excellent shock absorption and a perfect fit. The handballshoes will feel solid with your feet which makes sure you will perform on a high level. Lots of these shoes are developed with the assistance of famous handball players. Only this way it is possible to offer the best shoe!

Handbalshoes 2018 Women

Also the handballshoes 2018 for women feature further developed technologies and beautiful colors and designs. Shoes for women are in general slightly shorter in width if you compare them to handballshoes for men. For women it is also possible to order a men shoe.

Handbalshoes 2018 Kids

Handballshoes for kids have special features which ensure freedom of movement. Shock absorption is very important, because a lot of young handball players are still growing. Also for the kids we have a wide variety of flagshipbrands: Asics, adidas, Mizuno, Nike, Hummel en Salming. Not only the technolgies of the shoe are important, but also the looks. Of course you want to look cool on the court!

Previous collections

Ofcourse, our assortment features older collections as well! So if you're looking for example for previous adidas handball shoes collections, you're definitely at the right place!