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Hansaplast Sport Compression Calf Sleeve

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All about this product

All about the Hansaplast Sport Compression Calf Sleeve

The Hansoplast Sport Compression Calf Sleeves have been developed for support and compression of the muscles during sports. The Calf Sleeves can improve blood circulation, support the recovery of the calf muscles and prevent possible injuries to the calf. When using the sleeves the label must be on the front and the sleeve is pulled over the foot toes first.The calf sleeve is in place when it is just above the ankle and just below the knee.

Features and benefits
- Latex-free.
- Can be used with a calf circumference of 32 to 38 cm.
- Comfort when wearing.
- To support muscle damage and recovery and improve performance.
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Reviews (0)

Hansaplast Sport Compression Calf Sleeve
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