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Hansaplast Wound Care

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Hansaplast Wound Care
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All about this product

All about the Hansaplast Wound Care

The Hansaplast Wound Care is a care kit with a spray for the wound, plasters and a wound-healing ointment. The spray is easy to use and ensures disinfection of wounds. The wound spray does not sting and can be applied to abrasions, minor first and second wounds. Degree burns, open blisters and cuts. The Elastoplast Sensitive plasters protect against bacteria and dirt in wounds. The Elastoplast wound healing ointment can be applied to promote natural healing. This ointment can be applied at any time. The wound will heal up to 2x faster with the Hansaplast ointment.

The Elastoplast Wound Care contains 1x Elastoplast Wound Spray 50ml, 1x Elastoplast Sensitive Plasters 20pcs. and 1x Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment 20gr.

Features and benefits:
- Can promote wound healing up to 2x faster.
- The patches are suitable for sensitive skin.
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Hansaplast Wound Care
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