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Do you want to represent your favorite sport outside of the field as well? At Handballshop.com we offer lots of casual wear from established handball brands like Erima and Hummel. From shirts to sneakers, we have it all!

Handball clothing

Is looking amazing outside of the field not enough for you? Take a look at our regular handball clothing assortment to shop everything that's necesarry to be the one who really stands out in a match. Scoring goals looks much better in your adidas, Nike or Kempa gear!

Handball Shoes

Are you looking for handballshoes that match your handball sneakers? With brands like adidas and Assics, it's very likely that we have a shoe just for you!


Our collection is almost too large to list. At handballshop.com you will find all the flagship brands if you are looking for handballs. Select, Hummel, adidas, Molten and Erima handball balls? We've got it all! Everybody wants to throw like Mikkel Hansen, Nikola Krabaric or Estevana Polman, right? 

Handball protection and braces

When playing handball, protection and braces are often necessary. Sometimes the game can be rough, so the right protection or brace makes a big difference. At Handballshop.com we offer handball braces for elbows, ankles, knees, shoulders, wrists and more. Braces are available from brands such as Mc David, Rucanor, Salming, and Kempa. Also, handball braces are now available in various colors so they can match your outfit.