Michelle Goos Injury

One month after my surgery. Up to now, the time flies but I keep in mind that this was only the first month and there are still many to go... However, I can’t complain up until now. There’s so much more that I’m still able to do compared to what I thought I could!

What does the first month look like after a surgery like this? As an experience expert I’m now able to tell you!

Everybody knows someone that has been injured, or maybe you unfortunately experienced it yourself, like me.

Of course, it has gone well for 24 years with me (yes, that’s how long I’ve been playing handball) so I do still trust my body. As you might understand, that has been different the first few days after surgery. I’m saying this very toughly, but the first two weeks were the worst!

When I got out of the anesthesia, the doctor looked at me with a smile on his face. The first thing I heard after I woke up was: “Very well done miss Goos, nothing is broken besides the anterior cruciate ligament!” Well thanks, I’m SUPER happy about that (NOT)! But on the positive, that’s the best of the worst possible diagnosis. No broken meniscus, not other straps teared. So, from now on a long way back…

Two hours after the surgery, the doctor came to quickly check on how I was doing. Well, actually very good, only I was VERY hungry and didn’t get anything to eat (still getting angry about it)! I couldn’t eat because I just got out of anesthesia, which meant: a cheese sandwich in the evening and normal food the next day. That also meant: HUNGRY the whole damn day (My mother doesn’t allow me to say this because we don’t know hunger, but I was really hungry)! Back to the point. The doctor also came to tell me that I had to lift my left and stand up. Yes, you’re reading that well; stand up. I was not allowed to walk, only with crutches. Still, standing up immediately after the surgery was a scary idea, but the doctor said it, so I did it. It actually was possible and went well immediately!

I had to stay in the hospital for 2 full days (which is normal in Germany, in Holland there’s only one day of hospitalization, unfortunately not in Germany).

During those 2 days, I immediately got physiotherapy and lots of information and explanation about what’s going to happen the coming weeks.

The third day after my surgery, some sort of bicycle was delivered at my home. I had to cycle 3 times a day for 15 minutes. I really had to get used to it the first 2 times because it felt really weird, but after that I went like a rocket! I cycled quite some kilometers in the first week, at home on the couch!

Six days after the surgery, I ran! Yesss, I ran! 20 minutes long, 7 km/h. Eat that! Never thought that that would be possible. I ran with 20% bodyweight on my legs, in a zero-gravity machine. Yes, those exist! I felt like a walking muffin, but I couldn’t care less, I’m able to run! Since then I’m doing it three times a week. I’m now at 4,5 weeks and I’m running with 45% bodyweight at 9 km/h for 40 minutes. It’s better than nothing, right?

After 10 days I was able to walk without crutches, after 2 weeks I was able to cycle and after 3 weeks I got back on a cross-trainer. Every time that I’m doing something new, it feels like a victory! And I’ve celebrated a lot of victories in the past 4 weeks. That helps enormously! The toughest for me is sitting at the side during training sessions and especially during matches. I want to pick up the ball, run away, make a jump shot and slam the ball on goal!! But, unfortunately, that will take a while. I can’t complain, I’m already doing so much. I know that I can’t and shouldn’t compare myself to other, but I’m still doing so and I think all of us are.

Michelle Goos Injury

I’m now looking at one week at a time, with a new goal every week. Up until now I’m achieving all my goals and more! My end goal is: playing the return! That’s in 5,5 months! Yes, that might be fast, but nothing is impossible and I trust myself and my body!

For everybody that’s going or went through the same thing; the thing that’s helping me tremendously is the team that I’ve built around me. A team that exists out of people with their own expertise but a common goal: Getting me in shape again, and stronger than ever, as soon as possible!

I’m very grateful to that team already!

- Andreas Dewald
- Sven Schneider
- Remon Stompe
- Patrik Vogl
- Tom Grootendorst

Injury Michelle Goos