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We have more products for you Sale!

For every handball player we have very attractive sale products. The discount can be up to 70%! At our handball sale we offer handball shoes, clothing and handballs. All our products have an excellent quality and are in most cases available for both men and women. Most of the products are only available in limited size and colors, so do not wait too long! If your size or favourite color is sold out, take a look at our regular collection. Luckily for you, all our products are offered at very competitive prices!

Handball shoes

Couldn't find the right size? Take a look at our regular large assortment of handballs shoes. We offer a wide variety of brands like Nike, Asics or adidas handball shoes.

Handball clothing

Your favorite color out of stock? Luckily for you we have handball clothing in all possible colors in our regular collection. Take a look and match your outfit to look stylish and professional on the handball court!


Not exactly the brands you were looking for? With adidas, Hummel, Select, Derbystar, Erima and Kempa, all popular brands are greatly represented in our handball balls collection! Take a look around and find the perfect handball to throw just like Mikkel Hansen of Estevana Polman!

Protection & Supplies

Are the protectors just too small for your elbows or knees? Or are you looking for a bigger bag to take all your awesome gear? Take a look at our regular assortment for protection in all sizes and supplies from tape to wax. Unfortunately not in the sale, but still a very reasonable pricing!