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Singles Day is also called "Bachelor's Day". On this Chinese holiday, Chinese young people celebrate "Guanggun Jie". It is the day to show that you are single and the 1-1-1-1 in the date is a symbol for being alone. What started as a holiday for only male and single students, has evolved into an international party. Keep an eye on the handball offers on Singles Day and shop the best products for yourself or your teammate.


Singles Day since 1993

Did you know that Singles Day has been celebrated since 1993? This special holiday was created by the University of Nanking. People think that the day was introduced by the single and male students who were studying at the University of Nanking. In this way the men hoped to get a relationship. Because this tradition was continued even after graduating, Singles Day also became a household name outside of the University of Nanking.

A second theory is about Mu Guang Kun and his love story. This student had a girlfriend who died of an illness and on her birthday Mu Guang Kun commemorated his girlfriend with a group of girlfriend. Because of this, November 11 in China was renamed the "Guang Gun Festival" and the symbolism for being alone.

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