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The best handball shoes of 2024

Are you a powerful handball player or do you benefit more from your agility? Whatever position you play and no matter how intensively you play handball, a good pair of handball shoes is a must have for every handball player! Are you just orientating or are you loyal to a brand or even a specific model? We have listed the best handball shoes of 2024 for you.

Our recommendations

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Mizuno Wave Stealth

With the Mizuno Wave Stealth Neo, Mizuno has a 100% handball shoe that fully meets all the wishes and needs of handball players. The specifics of this top model match the characteristics of the physical and powerful handball player and focus on stability and flexibility in the forefoot. With the launch of MIZUNO ENERZY and the presentation of Mizuno Wave Stealth Neo as a new top model, a new Mizuno era is dawning. Other strong Mizuno handball shoes are Mizuno Wave Mirage and Mizuno Wave Phantom.

ASICS GEL Netburner Ballistic

The GEL Netburner from ASICS is a star among the handball shoes. It makes a big impression as a lightweight shoe and is especially for the agile and fast handball players. With its high stability, good grip and excellent cushioning, the ASICS GEL Netburner is a reliable handball shoe. Other good handball shoes from ASICS are ASICS GEL Tactic and ASICS GEL Rocket.

adidas Stabil Next Gen

The adidas Stabil Next Gen is probably the most famous handball shoe. The shoe has been proving its quality for many years thanks to the perfect combination of stability and elegance. Lightning-fast changes of direction, explosive starts and nimble turns define the handball sport and present a great challenge for your feet. The adidas Stabil, especially new adidas Stabil Next Gen, is always loyal to you and offers you the best support in every situation. In addition to this great shoe, adidas also has the adidas Counterblast and the goalkeeper shoe adidas HB Spezial Boost in its range.

Mizuno Wave Lightning

The Mizuno Wave Lightning is the best choice for you if you are looking for a super light handball shoe. Ideally suited for the agile handball player who benefits greatly from enormous flexibility and cushioning in this shoe. Mizuno is hard at work in the handball sport and is now an indispensable part of the market with a few favorite models. Mizuno handball shoes have an innovative cushioning system, the so-called Wave-Plate. It provides maximum stability and exceptional cushioning, even under extreme loads.

Nike React Hyperset

The Nike React Hyperset is a shoe from Nike's latest collection. The shoe not only looks exceptionally beautiful, the shoe also has features that you are looking for as a handball player. It is a lightweight shoe that makes it feel like a trusted shoe the first time. The shoe also has a very good cushioning so that you can get even more out of your jumping power. In addition to the popular Hyperset shoe, the familiar models such as the Hyperspeed Court and the Air Zoom Hyperace 2 are also in the Nike collection.

Popular brands


Kempa Wing Lite 2.0

With the Kempa Wing Lite, Kempa also has the pendant of the Kempa Attack Pro Contender. The Kempa Wing line offers the best conditions for the light and fast handball player who benefits from a light and rather slim cut handball shoe. In the production of Kempa handball shoes, Kempa likes to build on the expertise of tire specialist Michelin when it comes to the sole development and production of the shoes. The excellent grip of the shoes shows how successful this collaboration is.

Hummel Algiz

The Hummel Algiz ensures that you can achieve the best performance on the handball field. The sole of the shoe is designed with multi-grip, which allows you to make fast and explosive movements even easier. In addition, the Hummel Algiz also has REFORM cushioning, this cushioning gives you back the energy you put into every action. In addition to the Algiz, we also have the Hummel Uruz and the Hummel Dagaz on Handballshop.com.

Nike Air Zoom Hyperace 2

The Nike Air Zoom Hyperace is a technical and lightweight indoor shoe with perfect cushioning. Yet you enjoy a lot of comfort and stability thanks to the TPU heel cap that firmly attaches the shoe to your foot. In the forefoot there is an airbag in the sole, so you experience even more support when turning and twisting. The Nike range also includes Nike Precision.

adidas Crazyflight

adidas Crazyflight is a lightweight handball shoe with a breathable mesh upper, sock-like fit and great cushioning. This allows you to fly over the field. High quality adidas handball shoes offer various technical details and the best conditions to make the fastest and most explosive movements.