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Handballs Size 3

What size are you looking for?

The handball for men

The fast, but also certainly the physical, is a big part of men's handball. A quick counter-attack from a quick corner player or a physical 1 on 1 move from a builder. It's a lot easier to play with a nice handball. A handball player is looking for a handball that fits well in the hand, a handball that provides grip and can therefore be gripped firmly and a handball that can take a beating. What a fine handball is, is a matter of taste. Yet you often see in handball teams that there are many the same handballs because that is reliable.

The requirements of a handball in size 3

For handball, the International Handball Federation has drawn up regulations in which all the rules can be found. For example, it can be found here that the men's A-youth and men's seniors play with a bigger ball than the women's seniors. These gentlemen from 16 years of age play with a handball in size 3. Also for this handball there are a number of rules that must be followed if it is to be a size 3 handball. The ball must have a circumference of between 58 and 60 cm. In addition, the handball must also have a weight of between 425 grams and 475 grams.

The men's handballs at Handballshop.com

At Handballshop.com there is a wide choice of different brands and models. The brands in the shop are SELECT, Erima, Hummel, Kempa, Molten and Puma. The Select brand is a partner of the European Handball Federation and designs and supplies the handballs for the well-known European competitions such as the Champions League. These handballs also have an EHF quality mark, which means that the handballs are high-quality balls. In order to provide all handball players with an official match ball, these handballs for the European competitions are made in a regular version and in a replica version so that it is available in two price ranges.

Men's handballs in size 3 for use with resin

In the men's senior category you see that many teams, if the sports hall permits, train and play matches with resin. Most handballs are suitable for the use of resin on the ball, if this is not the case, this is always put down in the product description. A handball that is often used with resin is the Kempa handball. These handballs are in the circumference of the ball at the top of the range and are therefore very nice for large male hands.