Molten Handballs

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A Molten handball for you

There is a good chance that you have played a match with a Molten handball in recent years. The brand has been making good progress and a Molten handball has become an indispensable part of the handball field. The handballs are known for the cool color combinations and its sporty design.

Molten handballs for beginners and advanced players

There is a Molten handball for every handball player. The range consists of official competition balls but also training balls. These training handballs have been developed to make as many training hours as possible and to gain even better ball control. Molten's competition balls are, of course, suitable for competitions, but also for training. Most Molten handballs have an IHF quality mark. This quality mark means that you have developed a ball that meets these criteria on the basis of four predetermined criteria. The four criteria that handball must meet are; the circumference, roundness, weight and bounce quality of the ball. With the inspection you can therefore demonstrate that Molten handballs belong to high-quality balls. Molten is also the official partner of the World Handball Championships and supplies the match balls for the entire tournament.

The Molten C7 Handball

The most popular model of a Molten handball is the Molten C7 Handball. This handball has been developed for youth so that they learn the handball technique even better. With this handball you can train your technical skills even more as a player and apply this in the matches. The ball has the properties that a good handball should have. The rubber surface on the ball provides more grip so that you lose control of the ball less often. In addition, small openings have been made in the ball panels so that no air bubbles can enter and the life of the ball is extended. If your ball is a little too soft after playing, we also have a nice range of ball pumps so that you can play handball again.