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Handballs Size 2

What size are you looking for?

A handball for all training sessions and competitions

A fine handball for matches and training, that is actually what every handball player wants. What really is a fine handball is a matter of taste. One handball player values different characteristics of a handball than other handball players. With the wide range on Handballshop.com we have more than enough choice for every handball player.

The age classification for a handball size 2

In most countries, the boys in the C and B youth play handball with a size 2. The girls play with this size from the B-youth to the ladies seniors. The handballs that may be sold as size 2 must meet a number of requirements. The circumference of the ball must be between 54 and 56 cm. In addition, the handball must have a weight of at least 325 grams and at most 375 grams. These requirements for a handball are established by the International Handball Federation.

The differences in size 2 handballs

In addition to the differences in the color combinations of the handballs, there are characteristics in which the balls differ. The brands have also given the different models different prices so that there is an affordable ball for every handball player. A favorite of Handballshop that comes up with a new color combination every year is the Erima Pure Grip No. 4. This handball is suitable for use with resin, but due to the soft panels of the ball, it is also very nice to use without resin. The article descriptions of the handballs contain information about whether a handball can be played with resin. In addition to our favorites, we also have a wide range of handballs from the different brands; Hummel, Kempa SELECT, Puma, Molten and Erima.

The men's beach handball in size 2

A pirouette or a kite is a method commonly used when scoring a 2-point goal. In order to master the technique of beach handball and to become a real beach handball pro, a good beach handball can be used there. The beach handball in size 2 is for the A-youth men and the senior men. The ball is smaller than a men's ball when playing handball, so that as a beach handball player you can grip the ball even better.