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Elbow protection


A wide choice of elbow protectors at Handballshop.com

Besides protection for the knees there are also protectors for the elbows, the elbow protector. We see the elbow protectors on the handball field mainly in the positions of the corner and the circle. It provides protection against nasty scrapes or painful abrasions after sliding on the ground. On the webshop you can find different models of the popular brands LP Support, Rehband and MC-David. In addition, elbow protectors from the brands Deroyal, Hummel, Stanno and Kempa are also for sale on Hnabdalshop.com.

Two types of elbow protectors

To give the elbows the optimal protection you are looking for as a handball player, there are two different types on the shop. The common elbow protector has the same look as a knee protector. The protector comes to just slightly above and just slightly below the elbow. It also has a pad sewn onto it that provides protection from bruises and abrasions. The other type of elbow protector has more of the look of an arm sleeve with a pad on the elbow. This protector covers the wrist to the upper arm, providing support in multiple areas of the arm. If you want the compression of an arm sleeve, but also the protection of an elbow protector while playing handball then this type of protector is the best choice for you. Is only the compression enough for you as a player at the arm, then there are several options of arm sleeves to find on Handballshop.com.

The right size of elbow pads

To make sure every handball player has the right elbow protector the protectors are available in multiple sizes. To find the right size, size charts are in the product descriptions of the items. You can also find in these descriptions whether the elbow protectors are delivered in pairs or individually. Are you coming back from an elbow injury and do you need more support than an elbow protector we at Handballshop.com also have elbow braces. These braces have a supporting factor and help with a faster recovery.