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Delivery Costs & Shipping Time

At Handballshop.com, we desire to deliver handball products over the entire globe. We’re based in the Netherlands, but we ship our products to where ever you want in the world for competitive prices. An overview of shipping costs for your country can be found below. 

Customs duty

If you order from a country outside of the European Union there is a possibility that additional charges will be charged by the customs of the country. Unfortunately we do not have an influence on these costs and we can not refund it. Keep this in mind when you make an order. 

If you have a question about the delivery, shipping or any related subject, feel free to contact us.

Country< € 100,-> € 100,-
Germany€ 5,95 FREE 
Netherlands€ 5,95 FREE 
Belgium€ 5,95 FREE 
United Kingdom€ 5,95 FREE 
Sweden€ 5,95 FREE 
Denmark€ 5,95 FREE 
Luxembourg€ 5,95 FREE 
Spain€ 5,95 FREE 
Hungary€ 5,95 FREE 
Portugal€ 5,95 FREE 
Poland€ 5,95 FREE 
France€ 5,95 FREE 
Greece€ 5,95 FREE 
Finland€ 5,95 FREE 
Austria€ 5,95 FREE 
Italy€ 5,95 FREE 
Switzerland€ 5,95 FREE 
Norway€ 5,95 FREE 
Russia€ 9,95€ 5,95
Czech Republic€ 9,95€ 5,95
Estonia€ 9,95€ 5,95
Iceland€ 9,95€ 5,95
Ireland€ 9,95€ 5,95
Latvia€ 9,95€ 5,95
Lithuania€ 9,95€ 5,95
Romania€ 9,95€ 5,95
Slovakia€ 9,95€ 5,95
Slovenia€ 9,95€ 5,95
Rest of Europe€ 9,95€ 5,95
New Zealand€ 14,95€ 9,95
Canada€ 14,95€ 9,95
United States€ 14,95€ 9,95
Australia€ 14,95€ 9,95
Israel€ 14,95€ 9,95
Japan€ 14,95€ 9,95
Jersey€ 14,95€ 9,95
Rest of Africa€ 14,95€ 9,95
Rest of Central America€ 14,95€ 9,95
Rest of Far East€ 14,95€ 9,95
Rest of South America€ 14,95€ 9,95
Rest of the Middle East€ 14,95€ 9,95
South Africa€ 14,95€ 9,95
Rest of the World€ 14,95€ 9,95


Delivery Time

An overview of the average delivery time per country

CountryAverage shipping time
Algeria8 days
Australia8 days
Austria6 days
Belgium2 days
Bosnia Herzegovina12 days
Brazil11 days
Canada6 days
Chil e25 days
Croatia8 days
Cyprus14 days
Czech Republic5 days
Denmark5 days
Egypt11 days
Estonia10 days
Finland10 days
France6 days
Germany3 days
Greece12 days
Hong Kong8 days
Hungary7 days
Iceland13 days
Indonesia9 days
Ireland8 days
Israel9 days
Italy7 days
Japan8 days
Kuwait7 days
Latvia9 days
Lithuania12 days
Luxembourg6 days
Macedonia11 days
Malta9 days
Mauritius6 days
Mexico9 days
Montenegro9 days
Netherlands2 days
New Zealand8 days
Norway13 days
Peru14 days
Poland10 days
Portugal8 days
Puerto Rico14 days
Qatar7 days
Romania8 days
Russian Federation8 days
Serbia30 days
Singapore8 days
Slovakia7 days
Slovenia6 days
Spain6 days
Sweden5 days
Switzerland10 days
Tunisia31 days
Turkey10 days
Ukraine7 days
United Kingdom5 days
United States6 days
Uruguay8 days