Kempa Handball shoes

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Kempa handball shoes in a simple design with sufficient support

The handball brand Kempa is a well-known brand in handball. Since 2002, the Kempa brand offers not only handball products, but also items for volleyball players and recreational athletes. Despite the broadening of the range, Kempa's main focus is on handballs and handball shoes. In extensive tests, the shoes have been tested for durability and function under the toughest conditions. A Kempa handball shoe has been developed and built according to the requirements of the handball sport. Since 2010, Kempa has been building on the expertise of tire manufacturer Michelin in sole development and production. The optimal grip of the Kempa handball shoes shows how successful this collaboration has been so far.

Different surface materials

Kempa has used a world first in the Kempa Attack Pro Contender using examples from motorsport. Kevlar is actually a material used in cycling or motorsport for the construction of a particularly light, yet rigid and stable frame. Kempa has entered into an exclusive partnership with a supplier capable of weaving Kevlar fibres. The surface material of the Kempa Attack TWO 2.0 is particularly stable and tear-resistant. Particularly light materials have been used in the Kempa Wing Lite without having to save on stability. For this purpose, a "Lite Cage" was installed, which holds the heel in position. Weight can be saved without being uncomfortable in the shoe when changing direction quickly.

Kempa handball shoes for children

Kempa offers a very large selection of children's handball shoes compared to other handball brands. Kempa relies on good value for money. Kempa also tries to be creative with the design, which is not entirely unimportant for children. Kempa handball shoes for children are available from size 28. The most popular models are the Kempa Wing Junior, a very light handball shoe, and the Kempa Attack Junior, which are available in many different colors and are more suitable for slightly wider children's feet. You can also choose the laced shoe or the handball shoe with Velcro.

Special handball shoes for women

Kempa women's handball shoes are cut slightly narrower than comparable men's or unisex models, so they have a narrower foot. Kempa currently offers the Wing Lite Women model, which is extremely light, and the somewhat more robust Attack Women model with good cushioning and a durable upper. has a huge stock of Kempa handball shoes, Kempa handball clothing and Kempa handballs.