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Resin / Wax


A good grip on the ball with optimum resin

The use of resin is common for the teams that are active in national competitions.
It provides a better grip on the ball and so they can often throw harder.
In our assortment we have resin products from Kempa and SELECT.

Resin remover

With the resin remover you can clean and get rid of resin on various things. Think of the floor, the handball, the clothing and the hands. The products are ideal for immediately removing the resin residues after the competition. It is always important that there are no resin residues on the floor for the next team, because this is not pleasant. And the sports hall manager will appreciate that too. We have resin remover for the floor from the brands SELECT and VSV.

SELECT Profcare Resin

SELECT Profcare Resin provides a strong grip and is often used at the highest competition level. The product has been tested and approved by the International Handball Federation. It is considered to be one of the most popular resin products on the market. The resin is effective, easy to use, easy to remove with a little oil or vaseline and it does not leave any resin stains on the floor and on clothing. The SELECT resin products can of course be used with SELECT handballs, but also with handballs from other brands.

Resin hand spray

In addition to resin in plastic jar containers, we also offer resin in a spray form. These spray is available from SELECT.