Handball sweaters

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Handball sweaters

At Handballshop.com we offer hoodies for men, women and children. Our handballsweaters are made of lightweight material, combined with the newest technologies to ensure an excellent ventilation when wearing this handball hoodie. We have flagship brands such as adidas, Erima, Hummel and many more. Please contact us if you are planning to make an order for your team or club.

Handball hoodies for Men

Our handball sweaters for men have a design that fits the body type which ensures freedom of movement and an optimal fit. We offer quality brands such as Hummel, Nike and  adidas. The sweaters are made with lightweight material and moisture regulation qualities so you can focus on your game. We have hoodies with and without zippers. The handball sweaters allow you to play without irritations or barriers.

Handball hoodies for Women

We offer handballsweaters especially designed for a woman's body, this allows freedom of movement and lost of comfort. We have well-known brands such as Erima, Hummel and Kempa. The women handball sweaters are excellent for a warming-up or to keep you warm in the winter.

Handball hoodies for kids

Even for the smallest players, we have a wide range of handball sweaters. To keep you warm, or just to look stylish.

Other clothing

Besides handball sweaters, our site offers a large collection of other handball clothing as well. Make sure to pick the perfect match to look stylish and professional on the court!