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Puma Handballs

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A great handball from Puma for you as a handball player

A good ball is needed for a good handball game. The ball must be easy to hold firm, have a good grip and the ball must have good bouncing properties so that a good quick counterattack can be played. Puma has incorporated these important features into the handballs so that you as a handball player can get even more out of every match and training.

Puma handballs with different prices

This variant of Puma has been developed in three different variations so that there is a good ball for every price. The ball has a soft touch which gives you as a handball player the grip you need while playing handball. For the long-lasting quality of the ball, the panels on the ball are stitched by hand so that you can enjoy it even longer. You need the Puma Explode ball to master the handball technique even better. And if you play your matches with resin, you are also at the right place in our shop with a wide assortment.