Kempa Handballs

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Great Kempa handballs

From the Kempa training ball and official match ball to special handballs such as a weighted goalkeeper handball or a boomerang ball for reaction training - we have a Kempa handball for every purpose in our range.

Kempa handballs in size 0, 1, 2 and 3

We offer Kempa handballs for children and young adults in the respective sizes from 00 to size 2, as well as Kempa women's handballs size 2 and Kempa handballs for men size 3. To choose the size of the Kempa handballs, simply use our practical size filter in the left column to filter the available Kempa handballs for the desired size.

Kempa Spectrum Synergy

Top models Kempa Spectrum Synergy Pro and sisters Kempa Spectrum Synergy Primo and Kempa Spectrum Synergy Plus combine all technologies. The unique 30-panel construction provides more contact between the palm and the ball and therefore more grip. The best and the handball players who strive for it play with this ball.

Kempa Tiro, Kempa Leo and Kempa Gecko

In addition to this favorite model, we also offer excellent Kempa training and competition balls for all ages, such as the Kempa Tiro Handball, the Kempa Leo Handball, Kempa Gecko Handball and Kempa Buteo Handball. Many of these Kempa handball models are available in different colors and different sizes. Kempa handballs are of top quality and available for a good and reasonable price. The Kempa handballs feel very soft due to the multi-layer foam lamination. The new type of textile lamination results in excellent rebound quality and long-term dimensional stability.