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Handball Size 0-KIDS

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The right handball for the right age with a 0-KIDS handball

The first throws, catches and bounces, the first training sessions and the first matches are played. This is the beginning of the youth who started playing handball. In order to be able to play handball well, a number of parts are important; handball shoes, sports clothes and last but not least a handball!

In order to be able to say that a handball has the size 0-KIDS, a number of criteria must be met. The ball must have a circumference between 46 and 48 cm. In addition, the ball may not weigh more than 260 grams. With these criteria, the ball is suitable for children aged up to and including 10 years.

A 0-KIDS handball for the F-youth

After the Toddlers, or according to handball terms the H-youth, the F-youth comes in handball. In this age category it is also mainly about fun, but the first matches are already being played. During the matches for the F-youth, a soft ball in size 0-KIDS is played. The soft material makes it easy to grip the ball with small hands. In addition, with a soft ball it is also easier to learn to bounce so that the ball does not go in all directions.

A 0-KIDS handball for the E-youth

Children in the age category of 9 and 10 years are advised to learn to play handball with a hard handball. The matches are played on a larger field with a smaller goal, but here you see more of the handball game with different positions. The handballs have a good grip on the panels with which the ball control can be learned. Popular brands such as Hummel, Erima, Kempa, Select and Molten have great handballs in this size 0-KIDS. The balls often have a successor in size so that you can go through each youth category with the same handball but in a larger size.

The beachhandball Junior

Beach handball is becoming more and more popular among the youth. To better learn this technique on the sand, a special beach handball has been developed for beach handball. This beach handball is available in size 0-KIDS so that youth between the ages of 9 and 10 have a ball that fits the size of their hands. Trial is a well-known brand and has a good Junior Beachhandball.