Braces and support


A brace for handball support

The right protection when playing handball is important for every handball player. Are you just coming back from an injury or are you just prone to injury, has a large selection of braces and supports to protect you as a handball player. In this selection you can choose between different brands and models. Besides that you can also choose between a brace and a support. The support has a light effect and often offers compression to the injury-prone part of the body. The brace ensures that the injury-prone part is more immobilized, which can prevent a recurrence of the symptoms more quickly.

The right brace and support for the ankle

Every handball player often has a team member on the team with recurring ankle problems, and you will see at least one player in every senior handball team wearing an ankle brace. The double folding of the ankle joint, which results in weak ankle ligaments, can be easily remedied with the right protection. For support, a type of sock can be chosen which provides compression because it is wrapped tightly around the ankle joint. If, as a handball player, you would like more support, you can opt for a lace brace, a brace with hard plastic to secure the ankle or a brace which is tied tightly around the ankle with a strap. The MC-David brand offers a wide choice in the amount of protection you require.

A stable knee on the handball court

An unstable knee during handball is not nice, the risk of injuries increases and that is exactly what we do not want. At you can find braces and support for the knee so you get the stability in your knee that you want. For the support of the ligaments and kneecap, there are several braces that give you more stability. Are you coming back from a knee injury and want to gain more confidence in your knee a nice supportive brace is welcome. Also when coming back from a cruciate ligament injury to the knee there are good braces to be found on the shop.

Handball brace for wrist and fingers

The wrists are subjected to a great deal of stress when playing handball, both when defending and when catching and throwing. To reduce minor pain in the wrist and thumbs, it is therefore important to have good protection. This protection comes in different sizes so you can decide for yourself what kind of support you are looking for. If you have hit a ball on top of your fingertips and it keeps on hurting, preventive taping with sports tape is also a good protection.

A good brace for handball

Besides braces for the ankle, knee and wrist, we have even more braces to choose from. If you suffer from back or shoulder complaints, a brace can provide excellent support. For the elbows there are also several braces in the shop for the right protection. The braces on are also available in different sizes so you have the right protection as a handball player.