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The best Handballs

A good ball is a real must-have while playing a game of handball. From the moment you start playing handball you are looking for a ball that is perfect for you. A ball can have different characteristics, but we are all looking for a handball that fits well in the hand, one that is easy to grip and a handball that can take a beating. That is why we have now listed the best handballs especially for you!



Hummel is a well-known brand within the handball sport. The Hummel Energizer is a ball which provides a lot of grip. On the outside of the ball is a pattern processed, so you have even more grip on this ball and the ball can be used with resin. If you look closely, the pattern is the famous chevrons of the brand. Also, the ball feels very nice and soft, because the ball is made of foam.



Kempa is a present player within handball. The Kempa Leo has the PU upper material, which provides grip and ball control. This allows you to excel on the court time and time again with this ball. Because of how the ball is composed, the flight and bounce properties are very favorable. This is due to the latex interior of the ball. The shape and air retention remain optimal through this interior.



The Erima Pure Grip No. 5 is a durable and high-quality ball thanks to its deep sewn surfaces. This lightweight is ideal for training sessions. ball The ball has optimal grip and good bounce properties.



The Molten C7 is a ball with which a child or young players can learn the sport of handball, but it is also a ball with which the technique of a handball player can be perfectly improved. To avoid possible quality problems, there are small openings in the panels of the ball. These openings are made in the ball to prevent bubbles from forming under the surface and it supports the longevity and quality of the ball.



The SELECT Insanity IV is exclusively available at Handbalshop.nl. The ball offers great grip both with and without resin and the ball is made of durable synthetic material. SELECT has only produced a limited edition of this ball, so with this ball you will certainly stand out on the handball field. The Insanity IV has the trusted SELECT quality you are used to.

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