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A good ball is a real must-have while playing a game of handball. From the moment you start playing handball you are looking for a ball that is perfect for you. A ball can have different characteristics, but we are all looking for a handball that fits well in the hand, one that is easy to grip and a handball that can take a beating. That is why we have now listed the best handballs especially for you!

Handball does not exist without a ball

It is clear that you need a ball to play handball, but a good ball is different for everyone. The handballs of different brands may have the same size indication in the size chart, but the circumference of the balls may contain a small difference. Hummel and Molten's balls often 'fall out' smaller than expected, Erima and Kempa's handballs have regular sizes, while SELECT's balls generally 'fall out' somewhat larger than expected. A size chart is available for all sizes per age category of handball. This size chart can be found in the category handballs.

The resin handball

When matches are played at competitive sport level, it may be that the Handball Association makes it mandatory to play the match with a handball with resin. It is therefore allowed to play with a resin ball in the sports hall during these matches. An association can also decide for itself at senior level whether a match is played with resin and it is nice that you also have a nice resin ball. Most of the balls that are very popular among resin use are the SELECT and Kempa handballs. If you also want a ball that is adhesive, but you are not allowed to use resin, SELECT has designed the self-adhesive SELECT Maxi Grip ball. Handballshop.com also offers a wide collection of resin.

Beach handballs

In addition to handballs, there is also a great assortment of beach handballs available at Handballshop.com. For the fast game on the sand, a softer ball is needed than in an indoor handball match or training. The most popular beach handballs are the Trial balls, these balls are also used in the official beach handball matches of the European tournaments. The sizing of these balls can be different. These sizes can be found in the size chart for beach handballs.


Hummel Energizer

The Hummel energizer is one of the popular handballs from the Hummel collection. The ball has a great grip so you can get even more out of every match and training. With the bright colors of the Hummel handballs you know how to dominate on the field, even more than before. In addition to the Energizer, Handballshop.com also has more Hummel handballs such as the Hummel concept Handball.

Molten C7

With the Molten C7 handball you get all of the handball techniques even better under control than expected. This handball has been specially developed in size 0, size 1 and size 2 in order to learn the youth even more, earlier on. The Molten 3200 handball is available in the same sizes, but also in size 3, this means that there is a Molten Handball for every handball player.

Erima Pure Grip no 4

The Erima Pure Grip no 4 is the ultimate combination of price and quality. The handball feels very soft, which makes it very nice in the hand. Due to the good grip on the ball, this ball is excellent to use when playing matches without resin. If you do play with resin, this ball is also very suitable!

Kempa Leo

The Kempa Leo is one of the popular handballs from the KEmpa handball collection. This handball stands out because of the 3 different colorful combinations, so that there is a cool color combination for every handball player. The Kempa Leo is extremely suitable for playing matches with and without resin.


With the SELECT Solera handball you will get better during every training. This ball has a Zero-Wing bladder which gives it the perfect round shape. Due to the grip on the ball, the handball can be used with and without resin. In addition to the SELECT solera, SELECT also has official match balls from international competitions in our broad collection in the webshop.

Hummel Kids

The Hummel Kids handball is the most popular ball to start your handball career. The ball has a hard surface with which you can bounce well and this ball can be used during youth competitions. It is available in sizes 00-kids, 0-kids and size 1. The bright colors make this ball the perfect ball to master the handball technique in every training session. This ball is not suitable for use with resin.

Kempa Spectrum Synergy Plus

This Kempa Spectrum Synergy Plus ball is one of the favorites from the Kempa handball collection. This handball has a unique construction of 30 panels which provides even more grip in the hand. When playing with this handball, resin can be used, but it is also a fine competition and training ball without resin. Kempa has more popular balls such as the Kempa Spectrum Synergy Pro and the Kempa Spectrum Synergy Primo.

Erima Vranjes17 Handball

The Erima Vranjes17 Handball was developed in collaboration with the top handball player Ljubomer Vranjes. With this ball, a lot of attention has been paid to the bouncing properties that a fine handball should have. The handball is suitable for beginners in handball, but also for advanced players. This handball can be used with and without resin.


The SELECT Sigma is known for its good price-quality ratio. The handball has a ribbed structure which provides an excellent grip. Due to the material used to develop the ball, resin cannot be used in combination with this ball. If you do want to play with resin, the SELECT Advance is a very good option.

Hummel Premier

With the Hummel Premier ball you can get even more out of yourself every training and match. The ball with a sporty look has a good grip, which makes it very good to use without resin. The AirTrap technology that is incorporated into the ball ensures that the air in the ball is well preserved, so you don't have to pump up as much. If you want to play matches with resin, you can also do that with the Hummel Premier Handball but also with the Hummel Storm Pro!