Trial Beachball

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Play beach handball with a Trial beach handball

In the summer months, your favorite game, but on the sand, who wouldn't want that? Beach handball is becoming more popular every year. In recent years there have been more and more beach handball tournaments and a great amount of handball associations are also building beach handball fields at the club.

The pirouettes and kites on the sand

We are well aware that beach handball has different rules than field and indoor handball. Scoring a two-pointer is therefore more than normal and what better way to learn this than with a Trial Beach handball. The beach handballs from Trial have a nice grip and are very sturdy. The surface is a bit rough so that it does not become slippery in combination with sand, which makes your ball control even better. Trial beach handballs are also used at the European beach handball tournaments. The balls have an IHF quality mark, which means that they are high-quality beach handball.

Maximum grip in all weather conditions

Since we live in Europe and the weather gods can't always make us happy, it happens more often than we would like; beach handball in the rain and on the wet sand. Trial has also developed a fine beach handball for this weather condition. The Trial ultima 37 Beach Handball Grip is designed with extra triangles on the surface of the ball so that you as a beach handball player experience even more grip.