Please note: The Trial beach handballs are a separate size. Read the product description to see which ball is right for you

Naar welke doelgroep ben je op zoek?

Handball, but on the sand

Beachhandball, the game that many handball players enjoy, especially during the warmer summer days. But to play beach handball you also need some other stuff. That's why we have special beach products in our shop for Kids, Women and Men.

What size beach handball do I need?

The ball sizes of beach handballs run the same as the sizes of regular handballs. Except for the Trial br.en. Check out the Trial beach handball sizes below.

Category Ball size
E-Youth (up to 10 years  Size 00
D-Youth (10 to 12 years)   Size 0
C-Youth (from 12 years) to ladies seniors Size 1
Men A (from 16 years) and mens seniors Size 2