Knee protection


The best knee protectors at

Annoying scrapes or sores on the knees, every handball player has probably suffered from it several times. After a shot or action by wanting to slide on the ground, the outcome is often met with bruises and sores. Protecting the knees is done with the right knee pads. Especially during field competition for youth on asphalt, a good pair of knee pads is essential for proper protection.

Kneepads that are comfortable to wear

The goal of knee pads is to protect the knees from soreness. In addition to protection, the protectors should also be comfortable to wear. A good knee pad must meet a number of characteristics. First, the fit is very important, the kneepad should not pinch and should not restrict movement. In addition, it is also important that the kneepad is made of fine material so that no chafing can occur from sweating. Furthermore, the pad that protects the kneepad must not have too much grip; it is nice if the kneepad slides along the sports floor during a fall for example. Still a fine kneepad remains a matter of taste of the handball player him/herself, at there is a large assortment to find so there is a wide choice for every handball player.

The differences with knee pads

Every handball player has his own preferences for a nice pair of kneepads. In the wide range of products in the shop there is a lot of choice. The desires for the knee pads may differ in the small things. The preference may be for a kneepad in one piece, or rather one with a hole at the back. In addition, there may also be a preference for a firm pad, or just a fine pad. To ensure that the kneepads fit snugly around the knee, there are junior and senior kneepads. Furthermore, in addition to a child and adult size, most protectors have differences in sizes of the kneepad itself. To know which size is suitable for you as a handball player you can find a size chart in the product description.

The famous brands of knee pads

Besides the different models and sizes there are also different brands of kneepads available at The brands LP, MC-David, and Rehband, have been a reliable producer of kneepads on the handball fields for years. Besides these brands we also have other good kneepads from Rucanor, Select, Mizuno, Kempa, Hummel, Deroyal and ASICS. Do you need more support at the knee during handball instead of a kneepad, then there is also a wide choice of knee braces at