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Handball Sizes - 00

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Ball size 00-KIDS for the most little ones in handball

Learn to play handball with the colorful balls in size 00-KIDS

The toddlers, kids, minis, youth, there are many handball terms for the little ones who want to learn handball. The children aged five and six fall into the Toddlers category. In the game of handball, it is therefore the case for these little ones that having fun is the most important thing. The 00-KIDS size has soft and hard balls. A number of requirements for the ball are that the size is between 42 and 44 cm and that the ball may not be heavier than 260 grams.

A soft 00-KIDS handball

The soft handballs in size 00-Kids are made of a soft foam. The balls are lightweight and easy to pick up due to the soft foam. The Dutch handball association advises to teach the youngest youth handball with a soft handball. It is ideal with this ball to teach the handball technique to the toddlers. The ball is easy has an easy grip and can be squeezed lightly to master catching and throwing. In addition, the soft balls are available in fun colors for nice prices, ideal to give as a gift to a novice handball player.

A hard 00-KIDS handball

The hard 00-KIDS handball is a smaller variant of the handball as we have known it for a long time. The ball has the same properties as balls in size 0-KIDS, 1, 2 and 3. Grip has been incorporated on the different panels of the ball, in addition, there is often also an indoor ball so that the bouncing properties are also good. With a hard 00-KIDS handball, learning to play the game can be followed by catching, throwing and also bouncing.

Beach handball for the little ones

In addition to the well-known field competition and grass tournaments, there are also more and more beach handball tournaments for children in the summer months. This emerging variant of handball is also becoming increasingly popular among the younger children. Beach handball is played from the E-youth and the ball sizes are slightly different here than with regular handball. Youth up to 10 years old play with a 00-KIDS beach handball.