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Handballs Size 1

What size are you looking for?

A party on the handball field with a colorful handball in size 1

Whether you start with handball or you have been involved with handball for a while, there are a number of things handball cannot do without. A handball itself is one of them. You need a handball in training to develop yourself as a player with the handball techniques. In addition, you also need a handball during the match to score the goals and thus win the match.

The requirements for a handball size 1

In handball, criteria have been drawn up that a handball must meet in order to fall into the size 1 category. The circumference of a handball in this category must be between 50 and 52 cm. In addition to the circumference of a ball, there is also a criteria that the handball must be between 290 and 330 grams. For handball (in the Netherlands and most other countries), a size 1 handball is played in the D-youth, these are children in the age category of 10 to 12 years. Furthermore, the girls in the C-youth, the age category up to and including 14 years, also play with a handball in size 1.

The differences between handballs in size 1

You have a handball in many different colors. The Hummel brand often chooses to use one bright color so that your ball can stand out. The Molten brand handballs are designed using 2 different colors and a Molten design. In addition to the differences in colors in a ball, there may also be differences in the size of the handball. Because the circumference of the ball may be between 50 and 52 cm, there is still a difference between the different brands. It can therefore be effective for a child's hand to pay close attention to this. Molten and Hummel handballs are the most suitable for small hands, these are more towards the circumference of 50 cm. In contrast to Molten and Hummel, Select has handballs that are more suitable for large children's hands. These balls are located with the circumference more towards the top of the range.

The handballs in size 1 of the popular brands

At Handballshop.com we have a wide range of different handballs. The popular brands for handballs in size 1 are Hummel, Kempa, Select, Molten and Erima. These brands all offer handballs in different price categories so that everyone has a handball to their own taste. The most popular handball for children is the Hummel Kids Handball. This handball is available in two fun colors for boys and girls.

The beachhandball in size 1

The sizes of the beachhandballs are different than the sizes of handballs for the different age categories. A size 1 beachhandball is suitable from the C-youth to the seniors for the ladies. For men, beach handball in size 1 is suitable for the C and B youth. A popular brand for beachhandballs is Trial, these beachhandballs have an EHF quality mark.