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Support with the right arm sleeves

During a match or training session in handball, it is quite common for you to slide on the ground with your arms. For example when you perform a diving shot or when you want to dive for the ball. A good protection for these kind of movements is therefore very desirable. As a handball player you can choose a long-sleeved undershirt which protects your arms from chafing, or you can choose arm sleeves.

Arm sleeves with compression

Besides protection from abrasions and chafing, handball arm sleeves also provide compression during handball matches and training sessions. Wearing the sleeves results in better blood circulation and a good support of the arm muscles. In addition, your arm muscles stay warm and perspiration is wicked away easily. The arm sleeves are made of lightweight materials so that you will experience as little inconvenience as possible during training or competition.

The advantages of arm sleeves

In addition to protection against abrasions and providing compression, arm sleeves have more advantages compared to an undershirt. Most undershirts do not give any compression and are more focused on absorbing sweat. The arm sleeves give compression up to the upper arm, but leave the shoulder free so that you experience more freedom of movement. The arm sleeves cover your arms from the wrist up to the upper arm. This leaves the hands free but you will have fewer problems with sweaty hands because the arm sleeves already wick away the sweat. In addition, the arm sleeves can be worn in pairs but also separately. This is a great advantage if, for example, you only want compression for your shot arm. Our shop provides arm sleeves from brands such as Herzog, Mizuno and MC David. Furthermore, the arm sleeves are available in multiple colours so that you can easily match them with your training or competition shirt.