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Handballgoal and -net


Easily set up a handball goal

How handy is it to be able to set up a handball goal within 2 minutes? This is possible with the Quickplay handball goals. These goals are very stable and have a heavier base so that they remain in place. The goals are available in two different sizes: 2.4x1.7m and 3x2m. cleaned up quickly, so also very easy to train briefly.

Additional resource

A handy extra with the goals are the QuickPlay base Weights. These are weights (2x3kg) that you can attach to the bottom of the goal, so that it stays even more firmly on the ground. you can fire the ball into the goal without worry. 

The right handball

A good training goes best with a nice handball. Not yet in possession of a good handball? view our range of handballs. Questions about the handball goals? Feel free to contact with us.