Hummel Handballs

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Professional hummel handballs in different colors

The Hummel brand has a great passion for handball and for this reason, this brand offers a large selection of Hummel handballs. The handballs are available in different color combinations and in sizes from 0-3, handballs suitable for men and women and for boys and girls of all ages. Buy one of the great Hummel handballs on, so that you are perfectly equipped for the next handball training or match.


Who wouldn't want to be able to play like a top player like Mikkel Hansen or Nikola Karabatic? In the Concept Plus category, Hummel offers professional match balls and training balls that are approved by the IHF. These handballs are equipped with a unique printed surface of microfibre PU. This makes them particularly soft and gives them optimal grip. With a specially developed Air-Touch foam and Air-Trap valve, the hummel handball offers a perfect balance between dribbling and grip. They retain the air optimally and are also suitable for the use of resin. With a ball of this caliber, there's no excuse not to really accelerate.

Choosing the right handball

With the large selection of Hummel handballs, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right model. The most important Hummel feature: all models have a strong focus on optimal grip. Hummel handballs such as the Premier handballs have great grip properties thanks to the perfect combination of soft foam and surface treatment: an excellent ball feel is guaranteed.

Handballs for children and teenagers

You can buy Hummel handballs in all sizes from us. Different sizes are used depending on age - if in doubt, contact your trainer and check this chart. All Hummel handballs offer top quality and durability and have a good grip so that children can train on fine-tuning hard throws.

Hummel Kids Handball

The Hummel Kids Handball is a high quality competition and training handball, ideal for children and youth players.

Hummel Premier Handball

With its soft, non-slip PU and its unique embossed surface, the Hummel Premier Handball offers superior grip and ball control. The specially developed Air-Touch foam provides a perfect balance between bounce quality and grip and the unique Air-Trap valve guarantees a longer air retention. Durable and suitable for resin.

Hummel Elite Handball

The Hummel Elite Handball is a high-quality match and training ball and is made of soft, wear-resistant PU. A cool angular print was embossed into the surface. It is equipped with Air-Touch foam for extra softness and good bounce quality and has our specially developed latex bladder with an Air Trap valve that optimally keeps the air in the ball. Also suitable for the use of resin.

Hummel Energizer Handball

The Hummel Energizer Handball is the affordable entry-level model made of 100% PU, slanted surface, soft foam, latex bladder, Air-Trap valve, also suitable for the use of resin and you have a 2 year warranty on seams and shape.

Hummel Concept Pro Handball

The high-quality Hummel Concept Pro Handball combines wear-resistant PU with specially developed Air-Touch foam for ideal bounce quality and grip. The embossed surface ensures optimal ball control and the special air valve keeps the air in the ball longer. The Hummel Concept is suitable for the use of resin.

Hummel Storm Pro 2.0 Handball

The new Hummel Storm Pro 2.0 Handball is a hybrid match ball (sewn and glued) for the performance-oriented handball players among us. The ball consists of microfibre PU and a very grippy surface with hummel corners.

Hummel Elite Grip Handball

The Hummel Elite Grip Handball is now available with an extra grippy surface. The ball is suitable for both training and competitions. Air-touch foam, latex bladder, AirTrap valve, leaves no marks, 2 year warranty on seam and shape, regular fit.