Beachhandball: the summer variant of handball

Fast and spectacular handball on the beach under a blazing sun... Beachhandball is about experience on and around the field. The music blares from the speakers and the kites, pirouettes and high fives are flying around your ears. This is only possible with a special beachhandball that ensures that you can still be ball-resistant in your beach outfit and with sweat and sand on your hands. The beachhandball is firm, softer than a normal handball and can withstand moisture well.

Different brands of beachhandballs

In addition to the wide range of handballs for indoor use, various brands have also developed balls for the popular beachhandball. The popular brand Trial is a well-known name in the beachhandball world, but Hummel, Erima and Select have also designed beachhandballs. There is also a great amound of choice of beachhandballs at

What size Beachhandball do I need?

Category Ball size
Up to 10 years old  Size 00
10 to 12 years old   Size 0
From 12 years old to ladies seniors Size 1
Boys from 16 years old and men’s seniors Size 2

In addition to a beautiful collection of beachhandballs, the webshop also offers beachhandball clothing for women, men and children. In addition, we also have beach socks from Beachsocks and Vincere in our shop so that you can complete the outfit on the beachhandball field.