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adidas Stabil Next Gen 2.0

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adidas Stabil Next Gen 2.0
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All about this product

All about the adidas Stabil Next Gen 2.0

The adidas Stabil Next Gen2.0 is based on the adidas Stabil Next Gen. This 2.0 version of the adidas indoor shoe is slightly updated in every area so you can get even more benefit from the shoe. The shoe is characterized by its stability. The name gives it away, but this shoe is known for its stability internal locking system for stability and support in sideways movements. The sole provides maximum grip and cushioning. The sole uses the BOOST technology, which gives the shoe excellent cushioning and returns energy with every step or jump. The upper of the shoe is made of Primeblue, this is a series of high quality recycled materials.

Features and Benefits:
- (Internal) stability
- Energy return
- Excellent cushioning and grip
- Recycled materials
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adidas Stabil Next Gen 2.0
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