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A beloved handball shoe: The adidas Fastcourt

7 August 2023
A beloved handball shoe: The adidas Fastcourt

In this blog we are talking about a beloved handball shoe, namely the adidas Fastcourt! When it comes to technology, design, cushioning and suitability for handball, this shoe is truly in a league of its own. In this blog we will tell you more about the properties of the adidas Fastcourt and discover why this shoe is so popular on the handball field.

Modern and functional

The design of the adidas Fastcourt is both modern and functional. With the characteristic 3 stripes of adidas, striking color combinations and a streamlined look, this shoe is a real eye-catcher. The upper is equipped with breathable materials, so you benefit from excellent ventilation during high exertion. The shoe also offers a snug fit, which makes you feel at one with these shoes and gives you the confidence to deliver your best performance on the pitch.

Lightstrike cushioning

Handball is a fierce, intensive sport in which jump shots and fast feints are the standard. To protect the players against the impact of this high load on the joints, the adidas Fastcourt is equipped with advanced Lightstrike cushioning. This responsive cushioning in the midsole absorbs shock and reduces stress on the feet, allowing players to stay on the pitch longer without fatigue. In addition, it also contributes to the prevention of annoying injuries because it limits the pressure on joints.

Technologies that take performance to the next level

A variety of technologies have been used in the production of the adidas Fastcourt to support players at peak performance.

The Bounce Technology: The adidas Fastcourt uses Bounce technology in the midsole, which provides a springy and responsive feel with every step and jump. This technology promotes explosive movement, allowing players to react faster and be more agile.

The Non-marking rubber outsole: The outsole of the Fastcourt is provided with non-marking rubber, which gives players excellent grip on the playing field without leaving unsightly stripes. The sole has rounded edges and a 360-degree grip pattern that allows you to make natural movements and have full control in all directions. The outsole gives players the confidence to make quick changes of direction and quick sprints.

The adidas Fastcourt on the handball field

The adidas Fastcourt has been specifically designed with the needs of avid athletes in mind. The combination of cushioning, grip and maneuverability makes this shoe extremely suitable for handball, where players frequently jump, land and make abrupt movements. The stability that the shoe offers in combination with the light weight helps players to play their best handball game with a high wearing comfort.

It is therefore not surprising that the adidas Fastcourt is loved on the handball field.