New! Kempa Kourtfly

5 February 2024
New! Kempa Kourtfly

In the world of indoor sports, footwear choice is crucial. That's why Kempa proudly introduces the new Kempa Kourtfly indoor shoe, designed with advanced technologies to optimize performance while having a positive impact on the environment. In this blog, we give you a glimpse into these advanced technologies.

Main specifications

Weight: M 342 gr / F 311 gr
Upper material: Textile + 3D printing
Lining material: Textile
Sole material: 100% EVA Foam + rubber

Main benefits and features

  • Optimal energy return: Kempa Power in the midsole absorbs forces and optimally transfers them to the outsole. The snug fit not only offers perfect stability but also the highest possible energy return.
  • Efficient moisture transport: With Ultra Light Breath Mesh, you experience a natural feel and efficient moisture transport from inside to outside, keeping you comfortable even during high exertion.
  • Durable: 20% of the EVA material used comes from recycled sources, a conscious step by Kempa towards sustainability and with an eye on the future.
  • No slip hazard: The Protection Zone ensures better grip no matter which direction you go.
  • Maximum stability: The Torsion System provides optimal stability during push-off or landing. While the soles, developed in collaboration with Michelin, are inspired by racing tires for maximum control on the field.

A powerful step in sustainable performance

'For the planet' is not just a slogan; it's a commitment from Kempa. The lightweight padding of 100% EVA, of which 20% is recycled, not only ensures maximum comfort but also demonstrates the pursuit of a greener planet.

Ventilation, grip, stability, and explosiveness

The ergonomic shape is tailored to your natural rolling motion, resulting in an ideal transfer of forces to the ground. The Re-action Zone provides secure grip during rapid changes in direction and dynamic turning movements, giving you the best possible support during agile and explosive movements.

With the Kempa Kourtfly, you not only step onto the playing field with confidence but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Ready for a powerful step forward? Discover the Kempa Kourtfly indoor shoe and experience the perfect combination of performance and comfort.