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NEW! The Mizuno Wave Mirage 5

8 August 2023
NEW! The Mizuno Wave Mirage 5

For handball players who are always looking for ways to take their game to the next level, there is good news! Mizuno has released their latest model, the Mizuno Wave Mirage 5. This shoe is a game changer for handball players looking for unparalleled speed, agility and stability on the handball court.

Lightweight design for explosive speed

One of the most striking features of the Wave Mirage 5 is its lightweight design. Mizuno have worked hard to ensure that this shoe is as restrictive as possible in your movements, allowing you to move around the court with unprecedented speed and agility. Whether you're looking for a quick feint or a breakout, the Wave Mirage 5 will support you.

D-Flex Groove sole for ultimate maneuverability

The Mizuno Wave Mirage 5 is equipped with the D-Flex Groove sole. This innovative sole technology is specially designed to give you explosive acceleration and guide your natural movements. Whether you're moving sideways or making a sharp turn, the Wave Mirage 5 allows your feet to move in a smooth and efficient manner, greatly improving your agility and reaction time.

Perfect fit and stability

The Wave Mirage 5 not only offers speed and agility, but also excellent comfort and stability. It features an innovative bootie construction and streamlined shape that perfectly conforms to the contours of your feet. This results in a snug fit that keeps your feet firmly in place, even during the most intense movements on the pitch. With the Wave Mirage 5 you don't have to worry about loose shoes that can affect your performance. Because the lacing design has also been adjusted in the new Mirage shoe.

The new lacing system offers a tighter and more stable fit on the instep, which locks your feet even better in the shoes.

Color combinations

Release:This color is meant to influence your emotions and spirit in a positive way. These eye-catching colors will have you stepping onto the pitch with confidence and standing out from the crowd. With the Release Edition you will undoubtedly feel more energetic and take your game to the next level.

Avatar:Inspired by the rapid development of technology and gamification, the Avatar Edition features futuristic neon green accents that pop off the pitch. This color combination gives you a modern and trendy look and is perfect for those who like a striking style.

Pura:If you're looking for a more understated and elegant look, the PURA pack is for you. With subtle and stylish color accents, the Pura edition exudes class and sophistication on the pitch. It symbolizes purity and purity, allowing you to play your game with a touch of finesse.

In short, the Mizuno Wave Mirage 5 handball shoe is a real game changer for every handball player who wants to deliver the best performance. With its lightweight design, D-Flex Groove sole, perfect fit and improved lacing system, this shoe offers everything you need to take your speed and agility to new heights. And the shoe is available in various (striking) colors.