The ASICS Beyond FF: For Higher Jumps and Comfort

17 August 2023
The ASICS Beyond FF: For Higher Jumps and Comfort

In the dynamic world of sports, ASICS continues to surpass itself by combining innovative technologies with ultimate comfort. And now there's good news for players striving for the perfect jump: the ASICS Beyond FF. This new shoe is specially designed for athletes who want optimal cushioning and ankle support to jump higher. Let's take a look at the features that make this shoe a must-have for any athlete.

Good ankle support thanks to the soft and comfortable ankle pads

ASICS has always paid great attention to providing players with stability and protection, and the Beyond FF is no exception. Thanks to the soft and comfortable ankle pads around the ankle, this shoe offers excellent ankle support. Players can now step onto the pitch with confidence, knowing their ankles are protected and ready to take the impact of high-intensity jumps.

Use of FlyteFoam technology in the midsole for powerful jumps with a soft landing

A powerful jump starts with an explosive acceleration, which is where ASICS' FlyteFoam technology comes in. The midsole features FlyteFoam, a lightweight and responsive foam that helps players accelerate quickly and return maximum energy with every step. This translates to powerful jumps with minimal effort.

In addition to improving jump power, FlyteFoam also plays a crucial role in softening the landing. It dampens the impact and reduces the stress on joints, which significantly reduces the risk of injury. It provides a smooth and comfortable transition from jump to landing.

Improved Trusstic technology for higher jumps

The Trusstic technology is a well-known feature of ASICS footwear. Trusstic is strategically placed in the sole of the shoe to improve torsional stiffness, resulting in a more stable take-off and higher bounce. This means players can make the most of their jump power and reach higher heights.

The ASICS Beyond FF is a great choice for athletes who want to improve their jumps while enjoying ultimate comfort and ankle support. The combination of soft and comfortable ankle pads, the powerful FlyteFoam technology in the midsole and the improved Trusstic technology make this shoe perfect for athletes who strive for higher jumps and optimal performance on the field. If you want to optimize your jumping power without compromising on comfort and stability, the ASICS Beyond FF is the shoe for you. Get up, jump higher and dominate the game with the ASICS Beyond FF at your feet!