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Eurosport Recovery Shake 6 Stuks

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All about this product

All about the Eurosport Recovery Shake 6 Stuks

You use the Eurosport Recovery Shake to repair muscle damage. The product has a 5:1 formula (the ratio of carbohydrates to proteins). The Eurosport Recovery Shake has been specifically developed for endurance athletes.

Thanks to the mix of carbohydrates, minerals and proteins, recovery can be maximized. The Eurosport nutrition R&D team has incorporated Peptopro® into the Recovery Shake. Peptopro® is a mix of scientifically developed peptides, or small protein particles. They contain all twenty amino acids necessary for muscle cell repair and synthesis. Because the particles are so small, the body absorbs them quickly and provides an effective function. The body is ready even faster for the next training or competition.

Ingredients: maltodextrin, fructose, whey protein isolate (milk), milk protein isolate (milk), whey protein concentrate (milk), isomaltulose, Palatinose, d-ribose, l-glutamine, PeptoPro®, micellar casein protein (milk), thickener ( xanthan gum) acidity regulator (citric acid) aroma, color: beetroot, sweetener: stevia glycosides.

Features and benefits
- Supplied in a pack of 6
- Content: 450 grams
- 5:1 formula
- With Peptopro®
- Vegan
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Reviews (0)

Eurosport Recovery Shake 6 Stuks
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