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Handball supplies offers a wide range of handball accessories. Whether you are looking for resin, ball pumps or a beach shirt. We got all!


Tape is often used by players who are recovering from an injury but also players who want to prevent an injury and need some additional safety. We offer different types of tape to fit every need. Choose a tape with a larger width when you need it for your knees but choose one with a smaller width when looking for tape for your fingers. Besides the regular tape, we also offer pre-cut tape for your elbows, back or shoulders. 

Resin / wax

Handball players use resin to have more grip on the handball. offers different types of resin like resin based on water and natural resin. Resin can be quite difficult to remove and sometimes you even need a special wax remover.


Handball is a tough sport where can be easily injured. After an injury, it is important to cool down the spot as soon as possible. This will prevent pain and bruises.