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Erima handballs

The handballs from Erima are known to handball players for the best quality and very good playing characteristics. They are easy to hold, very durable and have a soft grip. Whether it's a handball for children or adults, professionals or beginners, for training or for a match - here at you are guaranteed to find the favorite ball of your choice. But which handball do you want to buy? Discover here which Erima handballs are available with us and what makes an Erima handball unique.

Erima handballs: properties and types

Training balls from Erima

A training ball must be particularly easy to hold and must be durable, because handballs have to endure a lot, especially during training. This is because different forms of play and many ball contacts take place during training. The handballs from Erima offer a very good grip for the preparation of the match - with and without resin.

Erima competition balls

The Erima competition balls are official handball balls that are used by international top teams. But you can also buy a top handball like this if you are active at a lower level. The outer material made of microfiber PU is ideal for the use of handball resin. The top class ERIMA handball is very soft and easy to grasp thanks to the unique soft touch.

Erima handballs for children

Good Erima handballs for children are characterized by the fact that the youngest can grip them optimally. You should also pay attention to this when buying a handball. Erima attaches great importance to the development of Erima handballs for children. For even more playing pleasure, the Erima children's handballs are extra soft and in bright colors. In comparison with softballs, the younger ones get used to the adult handballs for women and men with these handballs.

Erima Vranjes17 handballs

If you want to buy a special handball, check out the Erima Vranjes17 handball. This handball was developed by handball legend Ljubomir Vranjes and is ideally suited for playing and training. It offers a lot of grip and is very soft in the hand. The handball in the striking Ljubo design is ideal for beginners and advanced players, as well as for use with and without resin. The Vranjes17 handballs in sizes for women, men and children are sewn by hand. Much attention has been paid in the design to optimizing the bouncing and flight characteristics of the ball.

Erima Pure Grip

Depending on the performance level, the Erima Pure Grip range is available in sizes 0-3 (children, young adults, women and men) for the following models: Erima Pure Grip No.1, Erima Pure Grip No.2, Erima Pure Grip No. 2. 3, Erima Pure Grip No.4 and Erima Pure Grip Junior. These models are the most popular handballs from Erima. Erima Future Grip Erima Future Grip Pro, Erima Future Grip Match and Erima Future Grip Junior are the models of this Erima handball series. The unrivaled grip of Erima Future Grip has been developed with special attention to increase game and ball feel so that you always have control over the ball. These models also differ in quality and price and are available for all age groups.