Kempa Handballs



We have a wide range of flagship handball brands with the highest quality. In our shop, you will, among others, find Select, Hummel, Salming, Erima and adidas handballs. Besides our indoor handballs, we offer beach handball and street handball. All the handballs have an excellent grip so you can beat the opponent. The handballs in our shop have different colors, sizes, and designs.


Handball clothing is designed for you to concentrate on the game. We have handball shirts of different brands. Such as adidas, Asics, Erima, Hummel, and Salming. All the brands are well-known for their quality and their focus on the performance of the player. All our clothing is available in different sizes, colors, and designs.

Handball shoes

Without quality handball shoes it is impossible to perform on the handball court. Our online collection handball shoes consist of handball shoes for men, women, and kids. You will find flagship brands such as adidas, Asics, Mizuno, Hummel, and Salming. Different colors, high-tech technologies, we got it all!