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Endless comfort with Hummel handball shoes

Hummel's wide collection of handball shoes, from entry-level models to professional shoes, is based on the perfected Hummel technologies to combine extra durability, increased stability and a unique design. Whether it concerns specific handball shoes for fast and explosive play or handball shoes with stability and cushioning; you can find them at High stability, cool design and best comfort are just some of the many features of Hummel indoor handball shoes.

Hummel top model: Hummel Aerocharge

With the Aerocharge collection, Hummel has a top line in its collection. The Hummel Aerocharge Supremeknit is back this season and has been specially developed for the creative handball player who likes to go a step further and opt for a light and free feeling on the field. The visible heel counter with Twin Heel Control has optimal stability, fit and grip. The low-cut model has a stretchable and breathable upper with 360° foot support for a comfortable fit and optimal protection. The lightweight outsole provides an ideal propulsion and landing.

Another popular member of the Aerocharge family is the Hummel Aerocharge Fusion STZ. The shoe is equipped with Hummel's innovative Power Plate technology, which provides an explosive propulsion while running and jumping. The classic Hummel Aerocharge outsole makes you more explosive than ever before.

New at Hummel: Inventus

Part of the entire Inventus Hummel line with high-quality handball clothing and accessories, but also with a number of top handball shoes. With this line, Hummel wants to break new ground when it comes to all handball equipment. With the Hummel Inventus Reach LX, Hummel has developed a shoe based on the Hummel REACH compound technology. REACH offers you incredible energy return, reactive movement and fast transitions along with high impact protection. Together with the specially designed outsole pattern with flexion grooves for exceptional grip on the field and flexibility around the forefoot.

The cheaper sibling Hummel Inventus Omni 1 has beautifully combined the smart Aerospeed outsole with a contrasting mesh upper for optimal comfort and breathability. The PU panels provide support and stability for fast transitions, starts and sprints.

Always a good choice: Hummel Root Play

The Hummel Root Play is the perfect all-round handball shoe with the best features. Thanks to the ultra-light textile upper and the PU sole, you have excellent wearing comfort with sufficient grip on the floor. The shoe has a specially developed CPU Flexshield construction with an outsole with six different zones that actively contribute to top performance on the field. The Stability zone at the top of the shoe offers an extra comfortable position and the Guard zone strengthens the area at the toes.

The choice is huge for keepers: Hummel Liga and Hummel Swift Lite

Hummel has expanded the goalkeeper line with the Hummel Swift Lite. It is the perfect shoe for every handball goalkeeper due to the specially designed traction pattern with special attention to lateral movements and rapid acceleration. The other option in the Hummel line for handball keepers is the Hummel Liga Goalkeeper indoor shoe. The shoe is a perfect combination of an old-fashioned retro look with good quality features that a goalkeeper shoe needs. For example, the thin sole offers direct contact with the ground, allowing handball keepers to react quickly. And the inside of the indoor shoe provides extra comfort and has been specially developed for goalkeepers.

Hummel handball shoes for women, men and children

The wide Hummel handball shoe range at offers handball shoes for everyone. The top models are available for both men and women. The feminine models have a slightly narrower fit than the men’s models. Hummel also offers handball shoes for children. With or without Velcro and in different colors.

Hummel handball equipment

In addition to the perfect Hummel handball shoes for women, men and children, you can also buy other handball items at Hummel, such as Hummel handballs or Hummel clothing.