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The latest collections of handball shoes for women

To play handball, you’ll also need good handball shoes. As a handball player you do not only want a nice design, but you also shoe that perfectly matches your wishes for a women's handball shoe. The women's shoes from our collections have been specially developed for women in order to strive for the best results!

Play handball in the women's shoe that suits you

No foot is the same, so no handball shoe for women is exactly the same. That is why it is so important that you as a player look at what kind of women's shoe suits you best. With the range of Handbalshop we have a wide choice for every foot.

A women's handball shoe from the many brands from our collection

As a player it is important to go for the optimal result during every training or match. You can achieve this result with a handball shoe that suits your needs. If you are a woman who is looking for a narrow handball shoe, we have many models from ASICS that fit seamlessly. A shoe with a lot of stability, such as a handball shoe from adidas, can be a solution to ensure that your feet are less likely to bother you. In addition, Mizuno has developed a special line especially for handball players; the Mizuno Wave Stealth Neo and the Mizuno Wave Mirage 4 to go together for the best result.


In addition to the beautiful collection of handball shoes, we also have a handball clothing collection for women at Handballshop.com.