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Herzog Pro Compression Sock Size III

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Herzog Pro Compression Sock Size III
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All about this product

All about the Herzog Pro Compression Sock Size III

The Herzog Pro Compression Socks provide high pressure and have a decreasing pressure profile from ankle to knee. The course of the pressure ensures that the flow of blood from the capillary network to the heart is optimized. This process helps to dispose of the waste materials faster and more effectively. Wearing the Herzog Pro Compression stockings has a preventive effect. The stockings reduce the shock load, preventing muscle damage.

PAY ATTENTION! The Herzog Compression stockings work best when they fit perfectly. So take a good look at our size explanation so that you choose the right compression socks!

Size III is suitable for people with:
- The length under the kneecap between 34 - 41 cm
- Largest calf circumference between 36 - 43 cm
- Size ankle between 23 - 25 cm
- Heel/instep line between 32 - 38 cm
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Reviews (0)

Herzog Pro Compression Sock Size III
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