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Herzog Pro Compression Tubes Size I

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All about this product

All about the Herzog Pro Compression Tubes Size I

The Herzog PRO Compression Tubes offer you maximum support during exercise. Just like with the Herzog Compression stockings, the Tubes ensure that the pressure development from ankle to knee decreases. This makes a good and efficient waste flow possible.

It is advisable to wear the Herzog Tubes only during sporting purposes. When your legs are resting, there is no compression effect on the foot, but only on the lower leg. As a result, it is possible that moisture will accumulate in the foot and this is prevented by wearing during exercise.

- Decreasing pressure curve from ankle to knee
- Effective with calf complaints, shin splits and Achilles tendon problems
- Wear during sporting exertion

PAY ATTENTION! The Herzog Compression Tubes work best when they fit perfectly. So take a good look at our size chart and the sizes below, so that you choose the right compression tubes!

Size I is suitable for people with the following measuring points
- Size under the kneecap between 28 - 35 cm
- Largest calf size between 30 - 37 cm
- Size only between 19 - 21 cm

Choose the correct leg length at CHOOSE YOUR SIZE
S - Short leg between 34 - 39 cm
L - Long leg between 39.1 - 46 cm
XL - Extra long leg between 46.1 and 52 cm

Because there is no compression effect on the foot section (which is the case with compression stockings) it is wise to take the Tubes out after cooling down. This way, the moisture cannot accumulate in your feet.

39% Polyamid, 24% Polyamid XtraDry, 27% Elastane and 10% Polyester
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Reviews (0)

Herzog Pro Compression Tubes Size I
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