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Molten C7 Handball

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Molten C7 Handball
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All about this product

All about the Molten C7 Handball

The C7 Molten is a completely new handball. A new C7 Claw surface offers improved grip for catching and throwing the handball. This Molten ball has a soft upper material, and a thick cushioning layer which offers excellent bounce- and in-air properties.

As part of the improvement process and to avoid potential quality issues, small holes have been made in the panels of the ball. This prevents the risk of bubbles forming under the surface and thus supports the quality and longevity of this ball.

Features and Benefits
- Excellent game handball
- Innovative Claw technology
- Constant gaming characteristics due to an extremely even roundness
- Excellent bounce and in-air properties.
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Reviews (0)

Molten C7 Handball
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