The Mizuno Wave Lightning is one of the most popular shoes in volleyball and handball. World Champions like Estavana Polman and top volleyball player Laura Dijkema play on the Wave Lightning. Meanwhile, the sixth version of this indoor shoe has been released, so it's about time to discuss the differences of the last two versions.

Extended Wave Plate

The focus with the Wave Lightning Z6 is on offering as much explosivity as possible, so you can accelerate even faster. For that, it's important that the shoe is very resilient with forward movements, while the bending stiffness has to be decreased with a lateral move for more stability. To ensure this, Mizuno has extended the Wave Plate in the midsole. This creates the effect of a spring when taking off.

More stability

Besides the extended Wave Plate, the heel has been fully rounded off, so you can turn even smoother in every direction. The Sensor Points, that are visible at the heel, provide more grip and increase the durability of the shoe. Furthermore, the outsole of the Z6 has become a little bit wider compared to its predecessor, so this version offers even more stability.


Apart from the explosivity, the Wave Lightning is also known for its comfort. The renewed upper is made of mesh, which feels very comfortable. The lace structure also has undergone a change, so you won't feel pressure points on your instep when pulling the flat laces.

In short, the Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 has been improved again in multiple areas and therefore is a very suited shoe for attacking-minded players that are looking for explosive power and more all-round players.