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RÉVVI Anti-Frictie Chamois Cream

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RÉVVI Anti-Frictie Chamois Cream
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All about this product

All about the RÉVVI Anti-Frictie Chamois Cream

The RÉVVI Anti-Friction Chamois Cream is an antibacterial and antiseptic cream that protects your skin from irritation, dehydration and infections caused by abrasive sports outfits. It also protects particularly sweat-sensitive body areas such as groin, thighs and armpits from drying out. By applying prior to the sensitive areas, you will prevent the discomfort of chafing clothes and material during your workout.

Features and Benefits:
- Apply to skin before exercise
- Calendula supports your immune system.
- Mineral oil protects skin from bacteria and fungi
- Humectants moisturize and nourish the skin
- 100ml jar
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Reviews (0)

RÉVVI Anti-Frictie Chamois Cream
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