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RÉVVI Hot Rub Protect Olie Dispenser

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RÉVVI Hot Rub Protect Olie Dispenser
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All about this product

All about the RÉVVI Hot Rub Protect Olie Dispenser

The RÉVVI Hot Rub Protect Oil will keep your muscles warm in any weather and is specially designed to stimulate blood circulation. You can start your workout by applying the oil prior to exercise so that you are well protected from the cold even in rainy weather. The oil penetrates deep into your skin and therefore also has a soothing effect on chronic back, neck and shoulder pain.

Features and benefits:
- Warm the muscles and promote blood flow
- Protect the skin from cold, rain and pain
- Works anti-inflammatory and pain relieving
- Long lasting warming effect
- To be applied before exercise (warm-up)
- 250ml dispenser
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Reviews (0)

RÉVVI Hot Rub Protect Olie Dispenser
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