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VSV-H3 Harsverwijderaar

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VSV-H3 Harsverwijderaar
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All about this product

All about the VSV-H3 Harsverwijderaar

VSV-H3 is a strong solvent of sport resins, that breaks down a strong attachment to surfaces fast and effectively. Very strong degreasers soften the resin, so it can be drained quickly. The characteristic is mildly foaming, so preferably apply anti-foam to the dirty water tank. PH value 12,1.

Resin remover to be applied diluted. Strongly dependent on the age of the resin, the dosage can diverge from 1 liter with 30 to 80 liters water. Soften the cleaning solution preferably a few minutes, without drying. Rub and suck thoroughly afterwards. If there’s still some residue visible after using a high dose of resin remover, scrub with water.

Features and benefits
- Spray the resin spot and let it work (don’t let it dry)
- Eventual machinal scrubbing afterwards with de VSV-H3
- Mixing ratio 1:100
- Remove with the surface mop, doodlebug or dry cloth
- If machinal scrubbing with de VSV-H3 > 1 liter with 30 to 80 liters water
- Ensure that all drips are removed
- For anti-foam, use the VSV-A5
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VSV-H3 Harsverwijderaar
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